Property Rights Still at Risk

Four years have passed since the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Kelo decision, which essentially changed private property ownership from a fundamental civil right to a privilege granted by the state at its sole discretion.

Texas has failed to adequately respond to this decision. The first attempt in 2005 missed the mark. In 2007, the Legislature passed strong property rights protections in HB 2006, but the bill was subsequently vetoed over concerns about compensation.

SB 18 is this legislative session’s eminent domain reform bill. However, it was recently stripped in the Senate State Affairs Committee of two key reforms. As it stands today, there is a good chance that after the legislature adjourns, Texas property owners will still be subject to the same takings that outraged the nation in the Kelo case.

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Texas New Energy Taxes

A recent study estimated that proposed federal legislation aimed at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions would increase Texans electricity bills by a minimum of $10 billion.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration announced new fuel standards that could cost American car buyers $19 billion a year when fully implemented.

Not content with these new energy taxes on Texas consumers, the Texas Legislature is busy adding more.

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