How Convenient: Trump’s Environmental Stance May Harm Six Year Old Girls

Claire’s, the cosmetic and accessories company for young women, recently recalled nine cosmetic products because a mother had tested her six-year-old daughter’s makeup kit containing lip gloss and eyeshadow and said she found tremolite asbestos.

“I physically sank,” said [Kristi] Warner. “I ended up sitting on the ground, just trying to wrap my head around how something like that could end up in our home.”

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The Demolition President from Scott Adams

If President Trump were a large piece of construction equipment, which one would he be?

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, put together a GREAT blog on what things President Trump has broken this year. Things, as Adams put it, “that probably needed to be broken.”

Here’s a sample:

GOP – Trump broke the GOP and reconstructed it along his terms, successfully it seems.

DNC – The DNC has no charismatic leader, no game plan, and little money.

Clinton Dynasty – Done

Bush Dynasty – Done

Mainstream Media – The public learned that news coverage is based on bias as much as fact.

NFL – Ratings down, attendance down.

You can find the rest of his post here.

Mark Steyn at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2017

Mark Steyn is one of the best political commentators of our time. Not a Trump apologist, he still nailed the Trump phenomenon when other commentators on the right were in a mist. He was able to do this because he understands we are at war with a multicultural elite who are trying to destroy the very foundations of Christendom or Western Civilization. His speech is well worth listening to.

Mark Steyn from DHFC on Vimeo.

The Story Behind Astros’ First Base Coach Rich Dauer’s Amazing Recovery

During the Houston Astros parade celebrating their first World Series title, something was terribly wrong with their first base coach Rich Dauer. No one knew it at the time, but he was suffering from an acute subdural hematoma, caused by a blow to the head when he had fallen the night before.

Dauer didn’t realize he was injured and did not tell anyone about his fall. So when he started to exhibit symptoms, everyone assumed it was the result of exhaustion and dehydration. Instead, Dauer barely escaped death.

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Imitating Christ

In response to a question as to why he criticizes some evangelicals while also calling us to love our neighbor, Douglas Wilson discusses how we are to imitate everything that Christ did. This means we are kind and gentle with those who need kindness and gentleness but critical of those who need criticism. The question and his remarks start at 8:47 in the video:

Mark Steyn on California’s Racist Trees

Multiculturism is leading to the dumbing down of America. People today believe things that no sane person of any philosophical bent would believe if not beholden to bowing down to the multicultural alter.

One of the primary tenets of multiculturism these days is that whites are racist, every one of them, even if they don’t know it. And it appears that, in California at least, they are being aided and abetted by trees:

Policymakers’ Guide to Corporate Welfare

Conservatives have long questioned whether welfare is the best way to help the least fortunate among us. More recently, the debate has shifted to a different type of welfare. Conservatives today are challenging whether “corporate welfare” achieves its stated goal of boosting economic growth. And, as in the case of traditional welfare, the debate extends beyond the effectiveness of corporate welfare to the effect it has on the principles on which this country was founded–particularly that of liberty. The Policymakers’ Guide to Corporate Welfare examines numerous examples of corporate welfare in Texas in light of liberty and the Texas Model that has made Texas the nation’s economic leader. It is available on Amazon for 99 cents.

Deficits and the Tax Cut: Some Folks Just Don’t Get It

A lot of media outlets are crying over the increased deficit caused by the GOP’s tax bill. Here’s what the Texas Tribune says:

The bill is expected to deliver a tax cut to most Americans. But the majority of economists also expect it to widen the national deficit by at least $1 trillion over the next decade.

The truth though is that the level of tax revenue by itself doesn’t determine deficits; it is the combination of spending and revenue that determines the size of the deficit-or surplus.

However, it doesn’t seem to occur to the media or other liberals that we could actually spend less money over the next decade and actually have a smaller deficit!

Now I admit, we haven’t seen much willingness by Congress to control spending. But at least it’s possible.

Wind Power: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

An 1883 article in Scientific American noted that one of the main problems with wind power is “gathering it at the time we do not need it and preserving it till we do.” In other words, there was no way to economically and reliably store the electricity generated from windmills.

Today, 134 years later, after having moved from windmills to wind turbines and after billions of dollars of investments–much of which has been forcibly extracted from taxpayers (through subsidies) and consumers (through mandates), we are still in the same position.

Everyone promises that the battery or other technology we need to economically store electricity in order to correct for wind’s intermittency is just around the corner. However, we’ve been turning the same corner for centuries, and we don’t seem to be getting any closer to overcoming wind’s inability to reliably provide affordable electricity.

Whose Better for the Texas Economy: Hollywood Filmmakers or Texas Entrepreneurs?

Filmmakers and government economic development types are bemoaning the fact that Texas doesn’t offer as much as other states when it comes to film subsidies.

“Texas is losing jobs because we cannot compete,” said Janis Burklund, director of the Dallas Film Commission.

It may, or may not, be the case that Texas is losing jobs in the film industry. But even if that is true, what is missing from that equation is what Texans would be doing in the private sector if the money for subsidies had not been taken from them.

My bet is that George Mitchell and Glenn McCarthy, Gerald Hines and Trammell Crow, Michael Dell and Bob Rowling, etc., could do a lot more for the Texas economy with that money in their pockets than a Hollywood filmmaker. Especially when we consider the cut taken by the state to run the Division of Film Subsidies and the rest of the Texas State Office for Government-created Economic Development, or whatever they are called.