Restoring Liberty through the States—and the People

Liberty has afforded all Americans the opportunity to live prosperous lives through hard work and civic cooperation. Unfortunately, the immense growth of the federal government has, in the words of Milton Friedman, made it more likely “that its actions will reflect special interests rather than the general interest.” Instead of government being the means for the preservation of Americans’ “Life, Liberty and … pursuit of Happiness,” it has become the instrument through which others seek to appropriate their liberty and wealth.

The American people have made it clear that they are fed up with this federal assault on liberty. Restoring Liberty through the States—and the People is a road map for America rooted in the U.S. Constitution that re-centers federal governance on only constitutionally enumerated powers which very intentionally maximize liberty and prosperity by leaving all other governing authority with the states, or the people.

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Happy Warriors

“Beware the one who makes his living off criticizing the sin of others.” – Pastor Eric Landry, discussing the actions of Ham against his father Noah in a sermon on Genesis 9.

As I think about how biblically-minded Christians can deal with the constant assaults from the left, three things really stand out to me.

First is to have a strong commitment to liberty. An unwillingness to waver from this commitment in the midst of significant opposition will make us stand out in the midst of a generally compromising culture.

Second is excellence. Maintaining integrity and quality in our lives and work will provide us great freedom to pursue our goals because it allows the criticisms of our opponents to be seen clearly as unmerited attacks on us.

Third, and to the point of the quote above, is the positive, Bill Buckley-style “happy warrior” approach we should take in our work. As we present positive alternatives and a positive outlook on things, it brings people along with us and frees us from being caught up in the downward spiral of negatively. It’s not that we can’t at times be critical of the way things are, or even people occasionally, but our positive outlook helps us and others see the possibility of a better future much more clearly, even in the midst of the turmoil our nation in facing.

By the way, if you have never read William F. Buckley, Jr., you really should. His spirit of optimism is infectious. A great place to start is Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography. Another good one that captures both his and Ronald Reagan’s optimistic spirit is The Reagan I Knew.


​Imagine there’s no Medicaid
It’s easy if you dare
No plans to hinder us
People receiving care
Imagine all the people
Living in good health

Imagine private health care
It’s no so hard to see
Less death or illness
Without the Fed’s decree
Imagine all the people
Living in Freedom

You may say that I’m a dreamer
That there’s no way to be free
But life without Medicaid
Is a world that could be