Mark Steyn on the GOP

“The reality is that the GOP establishment, after their appalling behavior in the Hastert years, were given a second chance by the base in 2010, and a third chance in 2014. Now they’re demanding a fourth chance – and people go, well, say what you like but a Republican president will at least get to appoint rock-ribbed Supreme Court justices, like, er, John Roberts, who constitutionalized Obamacare, and, um, Anthony Kennedy, who gave us federally mandated gay marriage. Boehner, Mitchell, Kennedy, Roberts… Not much to show for a party that’s been supposedly dominant for 35 years, is it? The GOP thinks the issue is Trump; much of the base thinks the issue is the GOP.” – Mark Steyn

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Chattel Law Enforcement

A Texas state representative recently complained about being treated like a child during an encounter with police after he had been clocked driving 94 miles an hour. His statement was in the context of hearings over the sad case of Sandra Bland.

There are a lot of problems we face today as we move toward not just an administrative state but a police state. But the imaginary problem of this traffic stop is not the big threat we are facing. And while race still factors into many things in our world today—including the criminal justice system, race is not the primary problem either.

One of the big problems is how we are all being treated chattel by law enforcement—witness the John Doe cases up in Wisconsin and other early morning, full body armor raids on law abiding citizens or citizens who may have broken some relatively minor criminal statute.  In such events, we are no longer free citizens, but simply subjects to be treated by the government elite as they choose.

But an even bigger problem is how minorities are being treated as second class citizens by liberals who insist that they can’t fend for themselves and so have to remain dependent on the government—the same government that just so happens to bestow wealth and power on the liberals. In some ways we haven’t abolished slavery in this country—we’ve just transferred ownership of our poor from white, southern plantation owners to elite liberals of all ethnicities in all parts of the country. Yet the liberal elites keep promoting the idea that the source of racism in this country is conservatives, in order to keep minorities on the side of big government that can be used to combat racism. The sad truth, though, is that it is big government and the policies of the liberal elites—rather than conservatives—that are promoting racism and taking away freedom and prosperity from minorities.