Creativity–A Gift from God

Fox News reports that the city of Taunton, Massachusetts is considering the use of eminent domain  to save some manufacturing jobs:

When the Haskon Aerospace plant in Taunton, Mass. shut down in October 100 workers lost their jobs. Many had worked at the facility for decades, making seals and gaskets for aircraft.

City leaders are considering an unusual measure to save the plant, which has been a staple in the community for 80 years, operating under the umbrellas of numerous corporate entities over the decades.

The Taunton City Council is exploring the possibility of exercising the power of eminent domain to take the machinery away from the parent company, Bellevue, Wash. based Esterline. The city would pay a fair price to prevent the equipment from being sold at an auction scheduled for December 14.

Former Haskon workers hope to raise the capital to buy it and run an employee owned operation or find a new corporation to take over the business.

A coworker of mine noted the creativity of this endeavor. I agree with him. In fact, governments area full of very bright, very creative people. So it never surprises me to see actions like this in government because God created man in His image and endowed all people–government employees as well–with a measure of His creativity to use when they face challenges. Normally, in a free market, the employment of that creativity works out to  the benefit of all because all the property and effort used in the process is voluntary. Not so in this case, where the government will use theft to supply the needed resources to carry out this project.

Creativity is a beautiful gift from God, but just like with all of His gifts, we are required to use them wisely for His glory and our good.

Desperate Republicans Turn to Kidnapping to Solve Policy Problems

“Some in Congress “have been holding hostage” American policy until there is an “agreement of 100 percent.” – House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.

“Is Senator Kyl holding New START hostage to tax cuts?” – Adam Serwer, Washignton Post

“Every one of us…[is] being held hostage by 42 Republican senators.” CNN’s Eliot Spitzer

“The White House accused Republicans today of… of holding unemployment checks hostage.” – New York Daily News

“The politically motivated strategy of holding unemployment checks hostage until Democrats will cave on GOP demands to extend tax breaks for the richest 2% of Americans will mean at least 2 million people go penniless this holiday season.” – Kenneth R. Bazinet

“The Republicans essentially want to keep those tax cuts hostage until there is exactly the same action on upper income tax cuts.” – Rep. Sander Levin, Marc’s cousin????

“Republicans are holding them hostage, with a ransom demand of tax cuts for the nation’s richest 1 percent. If the GOP doesn’t get what it wants, 2 million will lose unemployment insurance by year’s end.” – The Hill’s Leo Gerard

“Republican insurrectionists take Congress hostage over tax cuts for the two percenters.” Tucson

“The Republicans there are holding this hostage. That has been the sad story of this session. The Republicans are banding together and trying to starve every piece of legislation.” – Rep. John Tierney

“I don’t know what’s worse, that Republicans held the Start treaty hostage to get lower tax rates, or that we let them do it.” – A senior Democratic Senate aide, speaking on condition of anonymity