Global Deceit

The fallout from Climategate continues to shake the foundations of the theory that global warming is manmade. My employer, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, recently held a debate on the issue at our 8th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature. I think the results show even more clearly that the global warming machine may soon collapse on itself because of a lack of internal support.

National Review and the Contract

Why in the world would National Review say that, “Republicans ought to promote new energy technologies in order to reduce the risks of global warming?” I can’t think of a good reason.

Yet that is exactly what it does in an article by Ramesh Ponnuru, “Contractual Obligations,” that discusses the need for a new “Contract for America.”

Is it because, as Mr. Ponnuru points out, people worry about global warming? Well, people worry about not being able to pay their mortgages, but that doesn’t mean we should support massive government bailouts. Except that NR supported the Bush bailout plan as well.

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