Quotes of the Day

“Probably, majority opinion agrees with our own national policy that the right of a man to engage in business for himself is not a basic freedom, like freedom from fear, want, freedom of speech and of worship. It is a right which only about one in five of our working force finds himself able, or finds it worthwhile, to accept…. If free enterprise is not a basic freedom, then it must be justified as a central principle of organizing production, or fail to be justified, primarily on the ground of whether it has ‘delivered the goods.’” – Theodore Morgan, Income and Employment, p . 1751, a textbook used at Yale during the 1950s.

 “[O]ne of the main advantages of communism, from the typical workers point of view, is that of equality. … [A second advantage is] the state provides a broad range of public goods … at little or no cost. … A third advantage is the lack of uncertainty concerning careers and education. … A fourth advantage is that the centralized control allows the economy to shift directions in a relatively short period of time. In the case of the Soviet Union, the entire economy changed from a relatively underdeveloped agrarian nation to an advanced industrial one in the course of a few short decades.” – from a pre-publication version of Glencoe’s Economics: Principles and Practices, later adopted for use in Texas high schools.